OPUS KINK: My Eyes, Brother!

As creative as they are attractive, they rock me out of old chains and with protruding whims they provoke bilious fever in some but the rest dig like crazy. OPUS KINK – Chains

THE SEKT: Devil’s Breath

In a heavy piece with such a porky sound that you almost get short of breath, I still dig uncontrollably until it’s not just almost. But breathless digging is great. THE SEKT – Devil’s Breath

WE GHOSTS: Ship Goes Down

Beautiful song that simmers on like a locomotive worth waiting for while the world is about to go under. Not the ship. Not the music. Awesome. WE GHOSTS – Ship Goes Down

THE REVERBERATIONS: Half Remembered Dreams

Psychedelic garage rock makes you think of a bygone era when psych rock was at its best but here they even take us to another dimension. THE REVERBERATIONS – Dr Please

GENN: A Reprise (That Girl)

Genre-crossing art-pop mixed with post-punk and psych-pop you’re happy to be fed with after checking them out for a while but it also works immediately. GENN – A Reprise (That Girl)

THEE HEADCOATS: Leader Of The Sect...'Bona!'

Garage rock banger with unfailing grace and if you ever liked garage rock from the past, this is a raw nice continuation. Don’t follow leaders. Follow the music. THEE HEADCOATS – Leader Of The Sect…’Bona!’

ROTTEN MIND: Pointless Love

Punkrock in post-punkland is the new black about not growing up and not letting someone else decide your path but my love for music can be the point. ROTTEN MIND – Pointless Love


Post-punk with such a classic post-punk sound that you smile from ear to ear, which is contagious like an easily infectious disease, but you feel very healthy. DESMOND DOOM – Disease


After seeing through the band, seeing through them and hearing their awesome swinging punk rock, I hope they can’t be silenced otherwise I might panic. DJÄVULEN MÖBLERAR OM – Panikmaskin

MIRNY MINE: Döda Solen

Apocalyptic and just as doomsday-glorious as you want it, and when everything darkens in front of your eyes, you get flashes of light in your ears. MIRNY MINE: Döda Solen