NIKITA CURTIS: Where The Water Ends

In the borderland between post-punk and indie rock, they keep the balance and should be adored, and I’m not being ironic. Possibly a little big in the mouth. NIKITA CURTIS – Adored


Crazy good punk with nice mess and heaviness makes me smile and if you want to introduce someone to awesome punk, you know where the gate is. LOUNGE TOURIST: Kowaloon Gate

SAM SNITCHY: Talking Talking

There gotta be something, and sure it is. Incredible psychedelic electropunk that swings like you feel it in your whole body. Bored is the last thing you’ll be… SAM SNITCHY: Bored

LONNIE WALKER: Cool Sparkling Water

Awesome indie pop with an electrified psychedelic touch makes it spin nicely in the skull, of which the body likes to follow the flow and dance along… LONNIE WALKER – Cool Sparkling Water

KLOTTER: Gula Stugan

A soft piece that lulls on with small interruptions for a bit of mess now and then, you easily be enamored in because they do what they like in a bored existence. KLOTTER – Gula Stugan


Greyish shades and sharp tones in a post-punk dark piece can make countless friends dance or dig without holding back. Not just those named Esther.  SCATTERED ASHES – Esther

NEW STARTS, DARREN HAYMAN: Under The Striplights

Fresh spiky pop that fuses with lonely guitar rock and a desire for simplistic love, but most of all they just want us to like them, and we do. NEW STARTS, DARREN HAYMAN – Under The Striplights


In a peculiar and special piece with a dreamlike conversation about things often kept hidden inside, I get pleasantly enamored and put the player on repeat. WALT DISCO – Jocelyn


Like a noisy noise rock banger with frenetic drums and punk attitude or something like that or, uh, you can figure it out yourself but it’s awesome. MISTER STRANGE: Figure It Out


With an almost whispering voice in a fragile played piece where every part seems to be on a breaking point that makes me remember a darkness I embrace. KEE AVIL: Remember Me