In the dissatisfaction with oneself and the events of life, an odd pop piece is played and a desire to be in someone else’s shoes arises while I dig. Shaking. EGYPTIAN BLUE – Skin


I’ve seen the light, but it’s through post-punk ears in the twilight of fog that you hear the nuances that accompany the backlight I’m for. VERSING – Diamond Light


Delicious energetic alternative punk that doesn’t apologize gets your brain spinning so I’m not sure if it’ll ever be the same again, but I like the feeling. HOTWAX – Drop

GHOULIES – Euro Tour Slip

With the pitch cranked up and the volume at maximum, I get floored and could need help getting up, and then I’m closest to myself, but the music helps. GHOULIES – Self Help

FLAT WORMS - Sigalert

When controlled chaos and beautiful noises are tied together and pumped up with intervening moments of disturbance and other sounds, it can be brutal. FLAT WORMS – Sigalert

THE PRIZE: First Sight

Sometimes I wonder, yes, I can’t stop thinking about how good power pop this is, but before I tell you, you’ll have first to listen yourself. THE PRIZE – First Sight

WATER FROM YOUR EYES: Everyone’s Crushed

Exuberant bubbling to a fragile voice somewhere that captures interest and sometimes a stolen piano is heard and then you’re already hooked. WATER FROM YOUR EYES – Out There

THE VACANT LOTS: Damaged Goods

In a dull dark tempo, they drag us along on a cozy ride where the fog shadows the broken remains of the night and the sound subtly files down any resistance. THE VACANT LOTS: Damaged Goods


Messy and crackling punk that, with its intense tempo and ferocious vocals, should get all fast-footed punks and other freaks up on the dance floor… UPCHUCK – Freaky


Bittersweet indie pop with wistful vibes about embracing life’s changes and if you just join the notes, you have a lot to gain… PALE BLUE EYES – Spaces