If a black bird could rock out without passing, it would be perfect, which it is because they leave everything and everyone behind. Good bye. GREEN CROW COLLECTIVE – Cool Cats / Oiseau Noir

JEFF CLARKE: Palliative Care

In the middle of life and not yet in the final phase, I wait patiently and if it wasn’t for this awesome music it would have been hard but now I wait with joy. JEFF CLARKE – Palliative Care

MOONKILL: Moonkill

With great punk darkness, they gild my existence while they wanna be saved from themselves, and it strikes me that they’ve just saved me from boredom. MOONKILL – Murderhouse

PERENNIAL: Art History

Yesterday, I didn’t know that an explosive musical discharge about how the ivy crawls would engage me so, and that I would shake uncontrollably with rapture. PERENNIAL – How The Ivy Crawls

GUDS PENGAR: Fruit (Jag Vill Bara Ha Nåt Jag Vill Ha)

In a fluid piece that lives its own life, we get indie pop that mixes structure with controlled chaos pleasantly through desire and frustration. GUDS PENGAR – Fruit (Jag Vill Bara Ha Nåt Jag Vill Ha)

ANGRY ZETA:  Chills And Thrills

Folk trash rock’n’roll with a punk attitude and a sway that no one walks past without having wiggled their hips I would say but you can call it what you like. ANGRY ZETA – Your Uncles Tune


Armed to the teeth and with heart attack-threatening synthpunk, they brighten my life and should do the same for yours but who am I to tell you to listen? NICHOLAS BURGESS , D.E.N.I.S. – Teeth For Eyes

SEX MEX: Pretty Boy

Noise explosion that in its splendor manages to make this punk banger sound like sweet music to my ears about a cute boy and that’s not bad. SEX MEX – Pretty Boy

VINCENT BAHAR, RÅÅ: Sticky leather/Raven Heartbreak

Atmospheric and fine-tuned in a dreamy piece. The song is almost gently driven forward, which in itself does not prevent anyone from being madly delighted… VINCENT BAHAR, RÅÅ – Raven Heartbreak


If garage rock is what gets you going, watch out, here’s something to sink your teeth into. Great shut-up rock to just sit and enjoy, if you’re able to sit still… THE SPEED SPIRITS: Watch Out