JEFF CLARKE: Mormon Galaxy

With harmonious tones in a fiction-based piece about getting back into Mormon society, he enchants us, and it’s not a little beautiful… JEFF CLARKE – Mormon Galaxy

DÖDSBABS: Lita Aldrig På Män I Slips

Punkbanger with a nostalgic look back at an individual who liked to go against the grain and when the past became the present, it’s the same way. Lovely. DÖDSBABS – Obstinat


Stylish indie pop with vulnerable melancholy about getting out of a bad relationship that risks becoming persecution as the ex tends to act like a ghost… BOYS AND IVY – Ghost

TV PARTY: Pocket Full Of Harold

Lovely with a punk-pop piece that is just enough to make you feel as good as you usually only wish for, which is absolutely wonderful. TV PARTY – Pocket Full Of Harold


In a slightly mysterious piece with just the right murky sound, we don’t get a chance to escape, but you don’t want that either. Just let it continue! LIZ CANDLUX – Stop Here

GATUPLAN: Umeå Hardcore

Bouncy pop with a punk heart and a catchy chorus that makes you happy, for everyone who doesn’t fit in, and of course everyone else should listen too… GATUPLAN – Umeå Hardcore

COWBOYY: Epic The Movie

Cracking creative rock that spreads in all directions but in the end, everything is calculated and every part fits like a glove to my freaky ears. COWBOYY– Algorithmic


Like real punk rock candy, you don’t want to be without, and if you’re not into that genre, now is the time because you need to get this one. Get it? Get it! HE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED – Gotta…

NUHA RUBY RA: 6 In The morning

A drum journey with mysterious incantations that are dark chanted chattering like a mantra you are hypnotized by, stand still and nod to, or just enjoy. NUHA RUBY RA – 6 In The morning

HOME FRONT: Born Killer

A lovely disco-punk banger in post-punk land that alarms so that the dancing nerves are twitching and when the legs start to tremble, it’s time to shake loose. HOME FRONT – Born Killer